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With Boromour now safe from the Horde, Alex needs to figure out his next step. Does he go after the Mages’ Society, or grow his own fellowship? A chance meeting in the City of Proper might be the way to accomplish both of those options at once.

Lisa, the wild catgirl, is proving to be quite a handful for Alex. But she ends up becoming a spearhead for what is now happening on Boromour. God has changed the rules on that planet, and to say that people are going nuts over it is an understatement.

The world of Boromour is about to be transformed, and Alex has misgivings about it all. Did he save Boromour from one thing, only to have it be doomed by another?

Join the group as they figure things out, sometimes blindly, to keep the planet safe. The Horde can still be unleashed… perhaps not on Boromour, but possibly elsewhere. And Alex wants to do everything he can to stop that from happening.

D. Levesque

I am an older-than-dirt gamer. I started gaming when old school BBS’ was a thing, playing Pit Fighter and Trade Wars. I remember buying my first PC when I was 14 years old; it was a RadioShack Tandy PC. Paid a ton for it, and it had no hard drive. I had to shell out more money for a big arse 40 meg HD. Eventually, I moved up into running my own two-line BBS.



 Good nachos

It’s a great m c that can express outrage at the treatment of certain races and not be preachy or whiny. The rest of the characters are well done and easy to connect with. Along with an interesting world equals a great book… highly recommend…

I honestly should have waited longer to read this one because now I am stuck waiting 6+weeks until book 2 comes out 1 June. GREAT read. Really enjoyed the characters, their interaction, and the magic system. Can’t wait for more.

Joshua Kurtz

Really good!!!

Started this book last night and finished it today. Loved the world Alex goes to and the mechanics of his powers. Characters are great as well as the storyline. Plenty of action kept me thoroughly involved. Definitely buying book 2. Can’t wait to see where this series goes!!!

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