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Welcome to the newest spin-off book in the Silver Magi series.

What does a human who knows about the Magical world do when the rest of humanity doesn’t?

Nothing, since no one would believe him. When he was a young child, his parents were killed in a crossfire between the Organization and the Werefolk and one Werefolk family took him in. So, Sean has known about the rest of the Magical folks, the vampires, the Elves, and the Werewolves since he was little.

That ended when his adopted family had to move back to Sanctuary, the world that the Werefolk call home, and so Sean was stuck between two worlds, but only able to live in one. The human world.

That is, until one fated day, he has an offer that he can’t, no, doesn’t want to refuse.

Access to Magic himself.

Brandon, also known as the Silver Magi, has given a special gift to Sean. Brandon is about to go on a long journey in establishing connections with these Portals now that he has access to more than just the world of humans, vampires, Elves, and Werefolks.

Brandon wanted to leave someone behind to watch over these four races, and that was Sean. So in biting Sean, he now has access to Magic, and much more and in the process gains a new Dragon and two beautiful women.

Join Sean as he tries to fight the Organization, the Void, and now a new enemy that the Silver Magi and Camp X were not aware of.

One issue: these Nanobots? They’re illegal. And anyone found with them is hunted and killed, so as to prevent the universe from ever going through another Nano War. As such, Zach is pursued by the authorities. With the help of his ship’s AI, he tries to escape an almost-certain death sentence. However, as he’s fleeing to another dimension where he knows he will be safe, a God snatches his up ship during the transfer. Things never go as planned, do they? And now that God is asking Zack to help bring true magic back to his realm.

Will there be consequences for doing this? Probably. But at the moment, Zach has no idea what they could be. Rewards? Sure. What are the requirements? Well, it necessitates sleeping with a bevy of beautiful women who aren’t human, but who are just as stunningly gorgeous as their human counterparts. One of the rewards will be to have riches beyond his wildest dreams… if he grabs that brass ring and goes for it. Zach needs to teach magic to others, but first, he needs to start with women. It’s a good thing that Zach has no problem being with women — lots of women — human or otherwise. Because, in this dimension, aliens are the norm, and here, he is the alien. To the women of this world, that makes him quite exotic.

Join Zack as he learns that the Nanobots inside him make him very unique in controlling energies, including Magical ones. One day, that particular ability may let him restore something that has been lost for eons.

(This series contains the unabridged text, mayhem, Alien women, Monsters, and battles. This Gamelit Harem is sure to please)

D. Levesque

I am an older-than-dirt gamer. I started gaming when old school BBS’ was a thing, playing Pit Fighter and Trade Wars. I remember buying my first PC when I was 14 years old; it was a RadioShack Tandy PC. Paid a ton for it, and it had no hard drive. I had to shell out more money for a big arse 40 meg HD. Eventually, I moved up into running my own two-line BBS.



 Good nachos

It’s a great m c that can express outrage at the treatment of certain races and not be preachy or whiny. The rest of the characters are well done and easy to connect with. Along with an interesting world equals a great book… highly recommend…

I honestly should have waited longer to read this one because now I am stuck waiting 6+weeks until book 2 comes out 1 June. GREAT read. Really enjoyed the characters, their interaction, and the magic system. Can’t wait for more.

Joshua Kurtz

Really good!!!

Started this book last night and finished it today. Loved the world Alex goes to and the mechanics of his powers. Characters are great as well as the storyline. Plenty of action kept me thoroughly involved. Definitely buying book 2. Can’t wait to see where this series goes!!!

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